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Virus Removals Done Onsite In 1 Hour
IT Support For Home Office, Retail Business, Small or Large, Any Platform. 

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IT Support Plans

Our primary goal is to take care of all of your technology needs. We can setup your business network, maintain your computers and laptops, and also provide remote support and make sure your data is backed up too. It’s no problem to have us out for a single call, but many of our customers find that they need reliable support for the future. We are flexible and can setup a service plan with your office or retail system, or most any small or large computer system and of any platform. Contact us for more details or Setup A Visit For Small Business.

Safe Virus Removals

We can take any computer or laptop, even models as old as 2006 and make them run like new again. The service is a simple ‘Clean-Up / Virus Removal’ and is effective if you have a virus or not. Your computer will be thoroughly cleaned and receive all important updates. The method in which this service is executed is highly proprietary and unlike any other. You will not lose any files or programs. Read More…

We Come To You

Calls are from $65 to $90 Flat-Rate And Good For Up To 2 Hours. Those 2 Hours Can Easily Cover Most Virus Removals.  We Do Accept Credit Cards Out In The Field With Our Mobile Equipment, You Will Receive A Receipt, Invoice And All Proper Documentation. If You Need Us For Longer Than 2 Hours, Then We Can Discuss A Reasonable Cost. Schedule Now

Map Shows Central Service Area. Entire East Valley is Covered.